Kayon Mountain Guji Ethopia

Kayon Mountain Guji Ethopia


Ato Esmael opened Kayon Mountain Farms with his family in 2012 with a passion for growing excellent coffee in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Kayon Mountain is a 240 hectare plot in the Guji zone of Ethiopia. The Guji zone has recently been recognized by the Ethiopian government as it’s own distinct zone. There is something unique about the Guji zone that seems special, and shows that it deserves the separation from the Sidamo region that it has traditionally been exported as.

Using a natural forest as shade, Ato and his family have planted heirloom varietals on the hillside. They even have their own washing station on the farm to control the quality of their beans.

Lemon and rasberry flavors balance well with the sweet aroma of this Ethiopian coffee.

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