Ethiopia – Kayon Mountain Farm – Guji


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This organic coffee offers complex fruit tastes of raspberry and lemon, while balanced by light floral notes and finished smoothly with hints of chocolate.

This savory coffee is produced by Kayon Mountain Farm in the southern region of Ethiopia.

Kayon Mountain Farm was established by Ato Esmael and his family in 2012 with a commitment to producing quality coffee.

Ato and his family maintain a 240 hectacre farm in a zone that is now known as the Guji zone.

Kayon Mountain is committed to the quality of their product. They process naturally and hand sort beans for defects, ensuring the delivered product is as close to perfect as possible. They also have their own washing station which allows them to export directly from the farm and gives more control over the finished product.

We hope you enjoy our small-batch Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm roast as much as we do.









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